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Step into our world of creativity and innovation as we unveil a curated collection of our finest work. From mesmerizing brand videos to captivating visual narratives, explore how we bring stories to life with passion, precision, and unparalleled creativity. Get inspired and discover the artistry behind each project as we showcase our dedication to excellence and commitment to making an impact through visual storytelling. Welcome to our creative canvas.”

Explore some of the exciting projects we’ve worked on with our valued clients. Each project highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Client: SANPO (South African National Pigeon Organisation)

Challenge: SANPO sought to enhance member engagement and attract new participants effectively.

Solution: BG Graphix created a visually engaging and impactful informational video tailored to resonate with SANPO’s target audience. The versatile video was designed for use at functions, events, and across various platforms.

Outcome: The video successfully highlighted the lucrative benefits of SANPO membership, leading to a 20% increase in membership. This demonstrates the video’s effectiveness in achieving SANPO’s engagement goals and expanding its community.

SCD Energy

Client: SCD Energy

Challenge: SCD Energy required a digital portfolio to engage potential buyers and present a professional image to international clients.

Solution: BG Graphix developed a Cinematic Visual Company Profile video, updated continuously over two and a half years to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Outcome: The video has been instrumental in connecting potential clients and business partners to SCD Energy’s services, significantly enhancing their business structure and reach.

Jenny Internet

Client: Jenny Internet (Pty) Ltd.

Challenge: Jenny Internet needed a high-quality video to promote their top-tier VoIP service and its mobile app, 3CX, targeting both current users and potential business clients.

Solution: BG Graphix produced a high-end cinematic business video, versatile enough for use across all social media platforms and at various events and promotional stages.

Outcome: The video has proven to be an invaluable tool, successfully promoting Jenny Internet’s VoIP service and continuing to be used effectively with great success.

Jenny Internet

Client: Jenny Internet (Pty) Ltd.

Challenge: Jenny Internet needed a video to promote their mobile internet tower to companies operating in areas without internet coverage, such as mining and construction firms.

Solution: BG Graphix created a high-quality cinematic video to introduce the mobile internet tower. The video was designed for versatile use, from engaging potential business entities and sales consultants to social media platforms and events.

Outcome: The video has effectively opened doors for new business engagements, highlighting the added value of the mobile internet tower. It continues to be a valuable asset for Jenny Internet, achieving great success across various promotional contexts.

Satellite Energy International (Pty) Ltd

Client: Satellite Energy International

Challenge: Satellite Energy International had no digital footprint and needed a company profile video that was informative and easy to understand for international markets.

Solution: BG Graphix created a professional company profile video, including scriptwriting and voice-over. The video highlighted Satellite Energy International’s credibility and professionalism in the international petroleum and energy markets.

Outcome: The digital profile video significantly enhanced the company’s presence, providing a high-level profile for international markets and opening new opportunities for additional and repeat business, driving growth.


Client: FleetStar

Challenge: FleetStar needed to improve their company profile and effectively convey their message to a discerning audience through digital visual content for multiple purposes.

Solution: BG Graphix created a concise, visually engaging video with a voiceover, designed to convey key aspects of FleetStar in less than a minute using the elevator speech method. The video aimed to capture attention without overwhelming the audience, leaving them wanting more information.

Outcome: The video has been highly effective in showcasing FleetStar’s professional services. It continues to be a valuable tool for reaching and engaging their target audience.

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